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Millions of Raptors & Tropical Birding

Amazing Raptor Migration & number one Jungle Birding
We put together a superb combination of a spectacular massive raptor migration, number one in the World with some easy, lowland tropical rainforest birding with many sought after species. October and beginning of November is ideal, usually that is the peak time for the Raptor Migration. We should witness a constant flow of Hawks, Vultures, Kites sometimes blackening the sky and there is a good chance to see every day over hundred-thousand raptors.
During on one of our tours our record was an unbelievable 1.2 million birds within a few hours!
After the Raptor full days we add a huge variety of rare and colourful tropical denizens such as Blue Cotinga, dozens of Hummingbirds, several Trogon species, Motmots, Toucans, Woodpeckers, Puffbirds, Manakins, Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Chuck-will’s-widow, about 30 species of Flycatchers, various Anthshrikes, Antwrens, Antbirds, Ant-thrushes & Antpittas, Green Shrike-Vireo, Wrens, tropical Warblers, Caciques & Orioles, dazzling variety of Tanagers.
Beautiful butterflies & some interesting mammals such as Sloths and Geoffrey's Tamarind Monkey colour the scene during the easy birding days. Please read Trip Report Panama


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Our mission

Our first priority is to save habitats & species.

Secondly we would like to share our knowledge of wildlife and encourage you to participate directly or indirectly in protecting nature.

We are also working continuously on our carbon balance with developing our 23 hectares of wildlife reserve.

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