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Hidden Pearl of Balkans

Macedonia is quite unknown and it is one of the most fascinating Balkan countries. The country is ready to invite visitors and still has traditionally managed landscape full of birds. The history dates back to thousand years, Macedonian dynasties and Illyrian towns. 

Macedonia sometimes referred as "The Pearl of the Balkans", has breathtaking landscape with vast areas grazed by flocks of sheep and countryside full of scenic mountains. Birds are plentiful and not too shy.

We will focus on raptors and passerines that include Levant Sparrowhawk, Long-legged Buzzard, Eastern Imperial Eagle and Lanner, Masked Shrike, Wallcreeper, Orphean Warbler and Rock Thrush.

To compensate the lack of watery habitats in Macedonia we will stay at Lake Prespa , but on its Greek side that offers better possibilities of accommodation and also better access to birds.

White and Dalmatian Pelicans will be one of the best species there, but there are a number of other species to look for as well.

We will be accompanied by different local guides who know where raptors breed.

Come to watch one of the best raptor watching in Europe, fantastic pelican show at Lake Prespa and great selection of Mediterranean specialities.

Highlights - Macedonia


Dalmatian and White Pelican

Pygmy Cormorant

Griffon and Egyptian Vulture

Booted and Imperial Eagle

Long-legged Buzzard

Lanner and Lesser Kestrel

Rock Partridge

Lesser Grey and Masked Shrike

Sardinian, Orphean and Olive-tree Warbler

Rufous-tailed and Blue Rock Thrush

7 species of bunting


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Our mission

Our first priority is to save habitats & species.

Secondly we would like to share our knowledge of wildlife and encourage you to participate directly or indirectly in protecting nature.

We are also working continuously on our carbon balance with developing our 23 hectares of wildlife reserve.

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