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Central American Gem with small distances & long species lists

From Mayan Tropical Forests up to Mountain Pine Ridge 

Belize has all the potential to become one of the emerging birding, butterfly & wildlife destinations in Central America. The country was formerly known as British Honduras, has a population of just 0.3 million people and a huge portion of its land covered by lush forests. There are several National Parks and other protected areas, plus some prime Mayan Archeological sites which makes the country a perfect Birding, Wildlife & Culture destination. Add to this the World’s second largest Coral Reef with about thousand cays which offer great relaxation with some snorkelling. 

There are several great protected areas in Belize to visit for birds and wildlife.

Rio Bravo Conservation Area is one of the largest privately protected areas. This is one of our favourite places where from Jaguars through Ocellated Turkey till Crested Eagles anything is possible. 

We also go from here for a full day tour to Lamanai, the most famous Mayan Ruins in Northern Belize. It was a busy city for more than 3000 years till the arrival of the Spanish. The surrounding giant trees offer food and perch for exotic species, such as Collared Aracari, Keel-billed Toucan, White-fronted & Red-lored & Yellow-lored or Yucatan Parrot.

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is surely the best wetland birding area perhaps not just in Belize, but neighbouring countries as well. It is a birders' paradise with Jabiru, Agami Heron, Sungrebe and many more. No wonder that its area protected by the Ramsar Convention and the Audobon Society as well.

Mountain Pine Ridge Area is a completely different area, a granite massif and some limestone mainly covered by Honduras pine forest and broadleaf forest. The climate is subtropical and there are a few species which much harder or can not be found elsewhere, such as the regionally endemic Rusty Sparrow, Lovely Cotinga, Solitary Eagle and many more.

Please check further details below! Downloadable itineraries with & without pics. Please note that we offer different itinerary with arriving to Cancun, Mexico which is easier directly from London or from various US states than Belize City. Please check it at Trip Report 2018Trip Report 2016 or at the bottom of this page! 



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